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Sample documents

Sample data collection form

Sample service level agreement

Sample service specification

Consultation questionnaires

Sample letter to parents

Sample confidentiality policy 1

Sample confidentiality policy 2

Confidentiality statement for display

All text and formatting in each of the documents can be amended except the poster. Should you wish to remove the orange tint in the top right hand corner that is on some documents, this can be done by opening the header, left clicking on the area of the tint, then pressing delete.

If you wish to remove the lines on the Word documents, position the cursor over the line until the 4 headed arrow appears. Left click, then press delete.

Below are documents that you can use to promote your school’s drop-in.  They were created by The John of Gaunt School, Trowbridge with support from NHS Wiltshire Public Health. 

These include a poster to put around school to advertise your drop-in,  a KS3 lesson plan aimed at promoting your drop-in and helping young people explore when they might want to use a drop-in, and an assembly plan.  All of these can be adapted to suit the needs of your school.

Drop - in poster template

KS3 lesson plan

Drop - in assembly plan