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Emotional wellbeing and mental health

Our vision is

"for Wiltshire's children and young people to have opportunities to thrive and enjoy good mental health now and throughout their lifetimes.

We want children and young people to be able to bounce back when life gets tough.

When they need more help with how they are feeling we want to be sure that they know where to go so that they get back to good mental health and well-being quickly"

Wiltshire's Children and Young People's Trust Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Sub Group (2016) 

A focus on Emotional Health and Wellbeing is critical to the social development and educational achievement of children and young people. To reflect this, schools have had a duty to promote health and wellbeing since 2007.

What are the characteristics of a child- friendly school?

  • reflects and realises the rights of every child;
  • sees and understands the whole child in a broad context;
  • is child-centred;
  • is gender sensitive;
  • promotes quality learning outcomes;
  • provides education based on the reality of children's lives;
  • is flexible and responds to diversity;
  • acts to ensure inclusion, respect and equality of opportunity for all children;
  • promotes mental and physical health;
  • enhances teacher capacity, morale, commitment and status;
  • is family focused;
  • is community based. 

Mentally Healthy Schools (2018)

information, advice and resources for primary schools

Anna Freud school campaign materials (2017)

You're never to young to talk mental health (primary & secondary)

Supporting mental health and wellbeing in schools: engaging with all parents and carers (2019). This free booklet from the Anna Freud trust explores ways that schools can help children by successfully engaging with parents and carers.

Expert Advice Videos for schools (2018)

From The Anna Freud Centre 

Child Outcomes Research Consortium (CORC) page for schools (2018)

Mental health measurement experts can support schools to measure the impact of the social, emotional and wellbeing support they provide.

Time to Change

Local events and links to campaign materials (secondary)

Charlie Waller Memorial Trust 

School Mental Health Network


Child mental health toolkit for schools (2106)

The National Children’s Bureau (NCB) has developed a free toolkit for school leaders wishing to assess and improve the support their school provides for children’s well being and mental health. 

A whole school framework for emotional well being and mental health: a self-assessment and improvement tool for school leaders (PDF)

A whole school framework for emotional well-being and mental health: supporting resources for school leaders (PDF)

Measuring and monitoring children and young people’s mental wellbeing: A toolkit for schools and colleges (2016)

Public Health England have produced this toolkit that aims to raise awareness amongst school and college staff of the range of validated tools that are available to help measure subjective mental wellbeing amongst the student population.

Wiltshire has a plan to support children and young people's emotional wellbeing in Wiltshire: Healthy Mind Healthy Life

We are supporting Wiltshire schools to help promote better mental health, build resilience and identify and address emerging mental health problems early on. Some of the resources include:

Thrive Hubs, in twelve secondary schools. 

Online counselling from Kooth (secondary)

Reading Well for Young People (secondary)

Youth Mental Health First Aid Training (KS2-4) 

Peer mentoring in selected schools

The SEAL (Social Emotional Aspects of Learning) curriculum is a comprehensive approach to promoting the social and emotional skills that underpin effective learning, positive behaviour and EHWB in primary and secondary schools. Our local Primary scheme of work Learn 4 Life integrates SEAL with PSHE.

Training for school staff is available to address the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children. 

Teaching materials

Primary School Resource Pack (Oxford Health, BANES)

Secondary School Resource Pack: KS3-5 (Oxford Health, BANES)  

Mental health and emotional wellbeing: PSHE Association lesson plans for primary and secondary schools

Links to primary teaching resources from the mentally healthy schools website 

DEAL (Developing Emotional Awareness and Listening) is a free teaching resource aimed at students aged approximately 14 and over, developed by Samaritans