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Healthy weight

There has been a recent rise in the number of overweight people worldwide, which provides a major challenge to health. 

Promoting healthy weight has been one of the top local priorities for Public Health during the past few years. As a result, the majority of Wiltshire schools involved in Healthy Schools Plus addressed this issue in the school setting and were able to successfully demonstrate positive outcomes for children, following their interventions. 

Wiltshire Healthy Schools continues to support schools to use this approach to promote healthy weight using a whole school approach, focusing on healthy eating and physical activity.   

Wiltshire Council's Healthy Me programme provides families in Wiltshire with support that will enable them to make healthier choices and help their children (aged 5-18) to be at a healthy weight.

Within Wiltshire Council's last Obesity Strategy, four priority areas were identified:

  • prevention
  • providing children with the best start in life
  • early intervention and treatment for those overweight
  • changing the environment we live in to ensure healthy food and active choices are the easy and preferred choice



Wiltshire Council have launched a Healthy Weight 4 Life e-toolkit which provides a range of information to support people to maintain / achieve a healthy weight across the life course.