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Relationships EducationE-safetyHealthy ChildrenPhysical ActivityThe Whole School approachHealthy EatingPSHE Education
Relationships Education

Wiltshire children learn about positive relationships


through PSHE Education in Wiltshire schools

Healthy Children

make better learners

Physical Activity

Wiltshire Healthy Schools promote a range of opportunities for physical activity

The Whole School approach

involves pupils, staff and parents

Healthy Eating

Wiltshire school children learn to prepare healthy food

PSHE Education

Teacher Training at Melksham PDC

Welcome to Wiltshire Healthy Schools

This Wiltshire Council programme is provided by Children's Services to support schools effectively address the health and wellbeing of children and young people. 

Using the whole school approach and teaching Personal, Social, Health and Economic education, schools can build on previous developments to actively promote learning and healthy lifestyle choices. Support provided aims to build the capacity of schools to deliver effective and sustainable interventions for all children. 

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Statutory RSE & PSHE

Proposed legislation

CPD events 2016

Updated with new events (July)

Wiltshire Healthy Schools

Over 100 Wiltshire schools have joined the programme

Health Events Calendar

Dates for 2017 and 2018

What's new on the site

National PSHE CPD

In Wiltshire during 2018 (July)

Health Trainers

Updated with 2016 report (July)

Anti-Bullying Practice

KS3 learning disabilities and autism hate crime materials (June)

Road Safety Education

Updated information (June)

Happy Smiles Award

New resources and support (June)