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Active & Sustainable Travel

The aim of a School Travel Plan is to reduce unnecessary car journeys to and from the school site by promoting sustainable transport, i.e. walking, cycling and using public transport, and identifying alternatives to single-occupancy car journeys such as car share or park and stride initiatives.

Wiltshire has a School Travel Plan Adviser (STPA) available to support schools through the process of developing, implementing and updating a School Travel Plan.

You can also use to help identify walking, cycling and bus routes to your school and you can request paper copies of any of the maps that are available on the website.

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What is a school travel plan?

A School Travel Plan (STP) is a written document setting out a package of measures designed to reduce car use and promote sustainable transport for journeys to and from the school site. It aims to improve safety on the school journey, cut congestion at the school gate, improve health and fitness through increased exercise, improve the environment and build links with the local community.

Your School Travel Plan Adviser is here to support you throughout the process of developing and implementing your travel plan. We offer help in the following areas:

  • Advice on getting started – who should be involved, who should be consulted
  • Surveys – forms to use, help with inputting and analysis
  • Mapping – postcode plots of the catchment, maps to identify walking and cycling routes
  • Provision of a School Travel Plan template
  • Help with inserted data analysis and mapping into the template
  • Advice on the content of your travel plan, including guidance on targets and initiatives
  • Processing the grant application for funding.
  • Advice on involving the pupils in the development and implementation of the plan.

We find that an ongoing dialogue between school and STPA is the most successful way of bringing about an approved plan.

We can offer a similar level of support for updating your travel plan. Please get in touch with your STPA for a copy of our update template.

Further informayion

School Travel Plans - advice and support

For advice and information, please contact our School Travel Plan Advisor, Ruth Durrant