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Wiltshire Police - In the Classroom











PCSO 3980 Alan Aldersley-Byrne   PCSO 6170 Chris Pugh   PCSO 6020 Mandi Coles

             (South Wiltshire)                (North & Central Wiltshire)           (Swindon)

Every year training is provided to PCSOs who offer input to Wiltshire Schools. This explores the role of the school visitor and focuses on the contribution that the Police can make to aspects of the PSHE education curriculum.

Police input is most likely to add value to PSHE when it focuses specifically on the role of the police and the legal aspects of relevant topics.  

This partnership work helps children

  • benefit from education about the law and the consequences of breaking the law
  • gain a greater understanding of the role of the police in helping keep communities safe
  • experience a joined up approach from the police and schools


In 2014 Wiltshire Police launched a new Youth Zone information site for young people:

To contact your local officer to book a school visit call 101 and ask for your local station

Download primary school leaflet

Topics covered at primary school:

  • The role of the PCSO/PC (all ages)
  • Personal safety (KS1&2)
  • Anti-social behaviour/bullying (KS2)
  • Drugs and the law (Year 6)

Download secondary school leaflet

To contact your Youth Engagement Officer email:


Topics covered at secondary school:

  • Personal safety (Year 7)
  • Anti-social behaviour/Geography of crime (Year 8)
  • British Values - Identity, prejudice and Britishness (Years 8&9)
  • Sexting (CEOP resources) - (Years 8,9&10)
  • Exploited (CEOP resources) (Years 9&10)