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South West School Health Research Network (from 2021)

During 2021 up to 5 Wiltshire secondary schools, as part of a group of 20 secondary schools in the South West of England, are invited to take part in a school survey involving students and staff.

Students from Years 8 and 10 will be asked to complete a questionnaire about mental health, health and social well-being, and risk-tasking behaviours (e.g. alcohol, drugs). A member of staff will complete a questionnaire to collect information about school policies relating to health improvement in their school.

Schools taking part will receive a report summarising the health of the pupils in the school.

This regional project complements our regular Wiltshire pupil wellbeing survey and the Wiltshire Healthy Schools programme


The aim of this project is to establish a School Health Research Network among secondary schools in the South West of England (SW-SHRN). This work will build on that of similar established networks in Wales and Scotland.

The reason for having such networks is to provide research evidence to schools on how to improve the health of their pupils because healthy children learn better, and the better educated children are, the healthier their lives will be in the long-term.

A Young People’s Advisory Group and a Stakeholder Group with members of the public residing have been formed to inform the project.

Beyond the school reports, results from the project will be disseminated in peer-reviewed journal articles, conferences and in a policy briefing document.

More information

NIHR SPHR website

Contact Dr Catherine Sharp for more information or to express an interest in the project