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NSPCC School Service (from 2013)

The NSPCC Schools Service (formerly ChildLine Schools Service) has a range of services schools and parents, many of which are available online. Download this document for further details (new version August 2016).

Speak Out Stay Safe Programme

This free programme currently delivers safeguarding assemblies and workshops to Year 5 and Year 6 pupils. The aim is to visit every primary school in the UK at least every 2 years. Sessions are delivered by vetted and experienced staff and volunteers. Safeguarding messages help ensure children:

  • Know what abuse is in all its forms, including bullying
  • Know how to keep themselves safe
  • Can identify someone to speak to if they are worried about anything
  • Develop an awareness of inappropriate films, games and messages (including pictures)
  • Understand how to stay safe when talking online  

From January KS1 & KS2 assemblies and workshops will be launched, which focus on keeping children happy and safe; helping them to develop:

  • An understanding of different forms of harm that children can experience
  • Knowledge of how they can protect themselves by talking with trusted adults
  • Awareness of how to get help     

Further information about these sessions available to Wiltshire schools can be found on this information sheet


Wiltshire primary schools were introduced to the NSPCC Schools Service at a series of presentations during June 2013. Delivery began in Wiltshire schools from September 2013. NSPCC also presented information to Wiltshire teachers about the service at the Healthy Relationships and PSHE Education conference in June 2014.  

Since 2013, 225 presentations have been delivered to over 17 000 children in 167 Wiltshire schools (as of August 2016).

This input can support the ongoing work in Wiltshire schools to address child protection and bullying as part of Healthy Schools and PSHE Education. The programme is in line with the PSHE Association Scheme of work and the current Ofsted criteria.

If you are interested in further details or booking a session for your school you can contact

Kevin West

NSPCC Schools Service Area Coordinator

Wiltshire, Swindon and Bristol

Mobile: 07909 688393