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Breakfast Clubs

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, giving us the fuel we need to undertake activities such as walking, concentrating and learning.

It is not a requirement for schools to provide a breakfast club, but all children are encouraged to have a healthy breakfast before the school day.

Many Wiltshire schools do offer breakfast clubs and for schools that do, a number of different approaches have been taken, whether the clubs have been set up to support parents with child care before the school day, to alleviate hunger or as part of a nurturing programme. 

Some schools have adopted a targeted offer where the club may be free for targeted families or a universal offer where there is a small charge for all families to access. Details of breakfast club offers can be found on school websites.

The current National School Breakfast Programme runs from July 2021 to July 2024, for schools not currently receiving support from Magic Breakfast, or Gregg’s.  

The School Food Plan includes a section on providing food other than lunch; complying with these standards will ensure the school is providing a healthy breakfast club.

The document above is from 2005. Although the links and resources mentioned may no longer exist, it still provides useful information about breakfast clubs.

In Wiltshire, according to our latest data from 2021, 87% of primary school respondents had breakfast most days or quite often. However this fell to 64% of the secondary school sample and 47% of the year 12/FE school sample.

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