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RISE Programme. Moving up to Secondary School with confidence (2020-2022)

Kidscape and Wiltshire Council announced a new partnership, from 1st September 2021 to 31st August 2022, to continue support for Wiltshire schools.

Some Wiltshire schools were able to access this programme during 2020, as part of a government and National Lottery funded programme, which has now come to an end.

The Kidscape RISE programme has supported hundreds of children over the last three years with the key transition from primary to secondary school, with additional modules supporting children with the return to school post lockdown.

99% of staff reported feeling more equipped to help children return to the school environment


The RISE programme is designed as a ‘Train the Trainer’ model specifically aimed at Primary and Secondary school education staff. All workshops will be delivered online and facilitated throughout by Sarah Lewis, Kidscape’s Manager for the South West. Delegates will receive comprehensive materials to assist with delivery of RISE within their school.

Support package

School staff received the following to support them deliver the programme:

  • Training on the content and delivery of the RISE workshop.
  • Materials to deliver the RISE workshop to their pupils.
  • RISE Pupil handbook.
  • One-to-one Kidscape support.
  • Accompanying RISE Parent Toolkit to support families at home

The key focus of RISE

The focus of the RISE programme is on understanding and adjusting to social change rather than the practical arrangements of transition. The programme aims to increase the confidence of children by providing an empowering and practical workshop that increases levels of confidence and provides techniques for managing change, making friends, dealing with excessive teasing and bullying and developing a positive sense of self. 

“It helped me with my confidence to make new friends at secondary school. You get to ask all the questions you would probably worry about and never ask. It was awesome!”

After the RISE programme young people should:

  • Feel more confident about the transition to secondary school.
  • Be able to understand and manage their own emotions.
  • Have a stronger sense of self.
  • Understand how to form positive relationships with others and handle conflict.
  • Feel more confident in managing peer pressure.
  • Understand how to identify a bullying situation and take positive action to stop it.
  • Have a range of strategies for staying safe.
  • Know where to seek help and support.


95% felt happier about moving up to secondary school

94% felt more confident about making new friends

94% felt more able to handle a bullying situation

90% felt more able to ask for help

"The tried and tested content is really good. It is difficult to know from a primary school perspective what will be most helpful, so having this all laid out is wonderful. I will find the print outs and resources especially helpful, and it will save so much time for busy school staff'."

Kidscape have been working with Wiltshire schools for many years, previously supporting a Wiltshire Peer Mentoring programme.