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Vaughan's Kitchen (2010)

The Dynamic Duo - Margaret and Judy - from Vaughan’s Kitchen continue to offer an exciting package educating parents and children on how to promote healthy lunch boxes through ‘engagements’ in schools around the county.  We run: hands-on sessions for pupils; demonstration and tasting sessions for parents and children and we can also customise our package to suit the needs of the school. Our most challenging task so far - how to have a Healthier Christmas!  It is surprising just how ‘unhealthy’ traditional Christmas fare can be.

Rather than saying how effective we think we are here are some comments from those who were at some of our sessions:

“Very helpful and food tasted yummy.  Daughter tried food she hadn’t eaten before” 

“This was an excellent demo of healthy eating. Hope we have some more of these in the future……” 

“I have learned a great deal of healthy eating today – it’s been a blessing in disguise.” 

“Great ideas for my lunchbox” 

“Excellent food for thought.  Will try some of the recipes at home for sure” 

“… the tips and healthy eating options were a delightful change……”












Contact us if you are interested in finding out more:

01380 530203