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Stormbreak (2022-2023)

Stormbreak is a registered charity in England and Wales that supports children’s mental health through movement provision.

Stormbreak school training programmes are whole-school, preventative approaches that support primary aged children to develop a toolkit of skills and knowledge around their own wellbeing that will support them now and in the future.

The Surge programme

Surge is stormbreak’s school staff advocate training programme to make movement simple, inclusive and accessible and equip staff with the delivery confidence to incorporate mentally healthy movement strategies into the daily life of the whole school. 

This flyer contains more information about the stombreak Surge programme.

Sample stormbreak video


Stormbreak activities are based around five key mental health concepts: resilience, self care, relationships, self worth and hope and optimism.

Stormbreak aims to reduce the stigma around mental health by equipping children with language and skills that allow them to recognise, respond and regulate their feelings from as early as Reception (four years of age). 

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You can get involved with stormbreak by signing up for a FREE account to watch, take part in and log stormbreaks at home.

If you are interested in becoming a stormbreak school, please email 

Stormbreak will be introduced to Wiltshire schools during Healthy Schools events in 2022.