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CAMHS training for school staff 2015/2016

These courses were a series of free CPD events for Wiltshire schools, delivered by CAMHS, which aimed to help school staff better identify and address the emotional wellbeing and mental health needs of Wiltshire children and young people. 

Supporting Young People who Self Harm (secondary schools)

Friday 22nd January 2016 (9.30 – 12.30 at County Hall, Trowbridge)

Mental Health and Learning Disabilities (primary and secondary schools)

Thursday 8th October 2015 (13:30-16:30, Salisbury)

Separation Anxiety and school refusal: Supporting Children and their Families with CBT Techniques (primary schools)

Thursday 19th November 2015 (9.30 – 12.30, Trowbridge)

Using CBT Techniques in Adolescent Anxiety (secondary schools)

Thursday 19th May 2016 (9.30 – 12.30, Salisbury)

Supporting Young People with Depression and Low Mood (secondary schools)

Thursday 21st April 2016 (9.30 – 12.30, Trowbridge)

Suicidal Behaviour in Schools (secondary schools)

Thursday 21st January 2016 (9.30 – 12.30, Trowbridge)

Supporting Children & Young People with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (primary and secondary schools)

Thursday 10th March 2016 (9.30 – 12.30, Trowbridge)

Supporting Children & Young People with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (primary and secondary schools)

Thursday 23rd June 2016 (9.30 – 12.30, Salisbury)

Mental Health and Autism (primary and secondary schools)

Monday 25th January 2016 (9:30-12:30, Trowbridge)

Wednesday 8th June 2016 (9:30-12:30, Trowbridge)

These courses were available to book on