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Gymrun (2019-20)

Gymrun Colours is a fitness assessment scheme which, if used on a regular basis, enables primary schools to monitor the fitness levels and track fitness progress of all children.

The Gymrun Curriculum is made up of 30 x 25 minute lessons, which support schools to improve basic fitness and physical literacy in all children.

The vision is to combine the fitness assessment scheme and the associated curriculum to enable more children to reach a good level of basic fitness and physical literacy by the time they leave primary school.

The benchmark for children to reach is ‘Blue by Eleven’ (the blue badge or beyond in Year 6). The overall fitness of each school can be measured by calculating the percentage of Year 6 children reaching 'Blue by Eleven'. An overall fitness progress measure can also be provided for schools.

With four classes taking part, the school’s first year cost would be around £555. From the second year onwards, with school staff delivering the assessment, the costs would be reduced to £360. 

More information can be found at

Gymrun could provide useful data to help Wiltshire Healthy Schools meet the criteria for targeted work at silver or gold level, showing increases in fitness levels for children. 

Wiltshire summer 2019 pilot.

For a summer term pilot, we are hoping to offer delivery of Gymrun Colours to a Wiltshire school.

This delivery will be free, although there will be payment to cover the data processing and fitness badges for the children. The approximate costs for this would be £90 for 2 classes or £180 for 4 classes.