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Examples of advice available through professional support services

 1.  Relationship counselling

Experience so far has taught us that a high number of self-referrals to ‘drop-ins’ require relationship counselling. If the school has a counsellor then this person should be involved with the ‘drop-in’.

Counselling services can also be accessed via for example:

2. Sexual health advice

Sexual health advice can be provided by a school nurse or visiting professional with expert knowledge and should include:

  • Supporting young people to make informed choices about sex; helping them to decide when they are really ready so that they avoid putting themselves at risk and regretting sexual activity.
  • Access to information about sexual health and contraception through the ‘No Worries’ confidential sexual health service. For more information contact the Young People’s Sexual Health Promotion Nurse.
  • Information about Chlamydia, the Chlamydia Screening Programme and access to self-test kits. To order a supply call the Young People’s Sexual Health Promotion Nurse
  • Provision of contraception or clear signposting for young people needing access to contraception and sexual health services which cannot be provided in school.
  • Availability of, or clear signposting to, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing along with information and support on pregnancy etc.

3. Drug advice

Advice for those working with young people in school ‘drop-ins’ on how best to address drug related issues in the school setting (including medicines, volatile substances, alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs) is available from Wiltshire Council's PDE Advisers. Training is available on the ‘substance-use screening tool’, and there are other courses around drugs and young people.

4. Stop Smoking advice

Support for those working with young people who smoke and how best to address tobacco related issues is available through Brief Intervention provided by NHS Public Health.  Email for details.

There is also two day Stop Smoking Advisor training which can be accessed via Wiltshire Pathways.  Click here for details.