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Quality Assurance

It is essential that ‘drop-ins’ quality assure the service they provide.

The Department of Health’s ‘You’re Welcome’ known as Young People Friendly in the South West, quality criteria provides a quality assurance framework for your ‘drop-in’. The criteria lay out the principles that will help ‘drop-ins’ operate in a young person friendly way. The ‘drop-ins’ that meet the criteria will be acknowledged as meeting the Young People Friendly 11-19 quality assurance standards and will be able to badge themselves accordingly. ‘Drop-ins’ in Wiltshire should work towards achieving this high standard.

Evaluation of the ‘drop-in’

Attendance data should be collected by staff involved in the ‘drop-in’. This should be collected to inform the on-going development and delivery of the service and to ensure the needs of young people are met. If the ‘drop-in’ has a steering group, they will find this information useful.

The information gathered should be shared with the school to inform the planning of the future PSHEE curriculum. The following list recommends the minimum data that could be collected:

  • Number of pupils attending
  • Year group
  • Gender
  • Professional accessed
  • One-off appointment
  • Follow-up needed
  • Signposted to outside agency
  • Referred to different professional
  • Reason for those young people visiting the ‘drop-in’
  • Interaction: leaflets only, information from reception area, face to face, signposting etc.

Individual professionals can keep their own records for follow-up in accordance with their organisation’s professional policy.

Other ways to evaluate the service:

1. Young people should be invited to give suggestions and evaluations where ever possible, some ideas are:

  • suggestion box
  • questionnaires
  • staff and parental feedback

2.  Staff should also be invited to give suggestions and evaluations through review meetings.

3.  Parents and school staff may like to discuss their views with the lead SLT member.

4.  Feedback can be given in the school newsletter, on the website or with ‘you said we did posters’