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Who can support you?

Developing a ‘drop-in’ should always be in partnership with a range of agencies to maximise engagement with young people and offer the widest source of support and advice.

There is a range of services/agencies from which you can seek support including the following (visit the contacts, websites and resources page for details)

  • Army Welfare Service
  • Child and adolescent mental health services
  • Child protection teams
  • Chlamydia screening lead
  • Harm reduction co-ordinator
  • Local Police Community Support Officers
  • NHS Wiltshire - Public Health
  • NHS Wiltshire Teenage Pregnancy Lead
  • NHS Wiltshire Young People’s Sexual Health Promotion Nurse
  • Parent Support Advisors (PSAs)
  • Relevant voluntary and community sector organisations
  • School designated teacher for child protection
  • School nursing services
  • Wiltshire’s Accommodation Support Services for Young People (WASSYP)
  • Wiltshire Council’s Personal Development Education Advisers
  • Wiltshire Stop Smoking Service
  • Young people’s counselling services, eg Relateen and Off The Record
  • Motiv8
  • Young People Friendly implementation lead (NHS Wiltshire Public Health)
  • Youth Offending Team (YOT)