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Kooth (from 2016)

As part of Wiltshire’s transformation plan for children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing (2015-2020) Wiltshire Council has commissioned Kooth to provide online counselling for pupils at all Wiltshire secondary schools.

In April 2019 the age range was extended, so the service is currently for young people in Wiltshire aged 11-25. 

This service is funded by the Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group. 

Young people have told us that they need access to high quality support and treatment, which is simple and easy to access.  This service is designed to increase and enhance existing school provision, providing more flexible access to support.  The service uses a medium with which young people feel familiar, find easy to use and has already been successfully trialled in Wiltshire.  

All Wiltshire secondary schools have been sent further information about Kooth, including a poster and PowerPoint to help promote the service to students.

(Click image for poster) 

Wiltshire schools can request additional information and support from Rachel Potter (Involvement and Participation Officer)

Tel: 07432 375949 Email: