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Street Tag

Street Tag is an interactive app to promote and enhance community-wide participation in physical activities, such as, walking, running and cycling through competitions and specific areas of interest.

The app turns the world around you into a virtual playground, points are gained by being physically active and collecting virtual tags. The app will automatically collect the points and these points add up in real-time on the school/community/ workplace/care home leaderboard, with prizes to be won at the end of each season. When using the Street Tag app participants are able to record the distance they have walked, ran or cycled by scanning virtual tags with their smartphone at various locations. Participants can watch their total distance accumulate and climb positions on the leaderboard. Street Tag provides an opportunity to encourage more pupils to walk to and from school, to move more throughout the school day and allows schools to compete along with staff and pupils and possibily win some fantastic prizes!

In addition to a community leaderboard there will also be a school leaderboard. In the leaderboard, your school can have up to 250 participants in your school team (these can include parents, children, and the staff), your school can also have 2x of teams of 250, depending on the size of your school. Your school team collectively competes against other schools on the leaderboard, those in top positions will win cash prizes for their school to spend on physical activity provision. 

Street Tag is coming to Wiltshire and is set to be live from January 2024 for 2 years, therefore there is plenty of time for schools to get involved. 

How it works (for schools)

  • Virtual tags are placed in popular walking routes and areas with green space to encourage secondary activity.
  • Users walk, run or cycle to virtual tags which are placed on the app's interface.
  • Tags are worth an average 50 points per tag. Once users are near/within a 40-meter radius of a tag, the player receives the points which helps the school to move up the leaderboard.
  • At the end of the leaderboard seasons (resets every 12 - 14 weeks). The top 3 or more school PTA's are given performance bonus prizes. There are various other prizes for parents and children during the leaderboard seasons.

By signing up for your school, you’re expressing an interest to be a part of the Street Tag Schools Leaderboard.

Your school will receive a follow-up email and a Welcome Pack for your school, with a contact person to assist you on your whole school's Street Tag experience.

For more information on how to sign up to Street Tag please email

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