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Road Safety Education

Wiltshire Council offers the following road safety education services to local schools:

Walk Safe

Walk Safe, Wiltshire's own child pedestrian training scheme, to meet the needs of school children living and travelling to school in Wiltshire.

As part of the Council's sustainable travel agenda, the emphasis is upon encouraging children to walk, scoot or cycle to school rather than use the car, 'Walk Safe' supports schools in their involvement with the Wiltshire Healthy Schools Programme making sure children receive sound pedestrian training and are able to experience traffic and roads in a controlled environment; helping them to become safe independent road users.

For more information about the walk safe syllabus download this flyer.

Cycle Training - Bikeability

Since 2007, the national Bikeability scheme has given thousands of children the chance to learn to ride a bike and develop the skills needed to ride safely.

It also introduces young people to cycling as an everyday activity - an alternative mode of transport, an enjoyable pastime and a sport which brings a healthier lifestyle and lots of fun. Bikeability provides children and young people with a life skill they will never forget. 

What can Bikeability do for your school? (electronic) 

What can Bikeability do for your school? (print) 

For more information about the Bikeability syllabus download this flyer



Wiltshire Council Road Safety Team offer 1 hour fun based scooter skills safety sessions to Wiltshire Primary schools. they are offered to all Primary school pupils from Year 1 to Year 6, targeting Year 3 upwards who may be travelling independently to/from school and taking more risks in and around traffic.

For more information about the Scooter skills safety training syllabus download this flyer.

For more information on Bikeability training sessions, Scooerbility and Walk Safe contact  or 

School Travel Plans

Wiltshire Council’s School Travel Plan Advisor supports schools through the development, implementation and review of their school travel plans.

A school travel plan is a package of measures aimed at reducing car-borne journeys to and from the school site, by encouraging children, parents and staff to walk, scoot and cycle to school, or alternatively to use the bus or to car share. The plan should include a range of measures from promotion and education, to campaigns and infrastructure measures.  The “Taking Action on School Journeys Challenge” provides funding for on-site measures such as secure cycle storage and segregated pedestrian access, and for investigations into appropriate measures on the public highway.

Travel plans aim to tackle traffic congestion, reduce environmental impacts and promote physical activity and independence.

For advice and information, please contact our School Travel Plan Advisor, Ruth Durrant

Useful links

Participants Hub is a webpage offers advice and information as well as discount offers aimed at supporting families to continue cycling together. 

link to a flyer  with a voucher offering 10% off any bike, accessory or cycle repair at Halfords,