Supporting schools to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people
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Health Coaches

Health coaches work with adults on a one to one basis to support behaviour change and improve health. They concentrate on behaviours associated with ill health including unhealthy eating often linked to obesity, stop or reduce smoking, increasing physical activity, reducing anxiety and boosting self-esteem. They also signpost and support people to access other services and activities.

The Health coach will work with their client for six sessions building motivation and confidence to enable the client to help themselves and maintain the changes.

Positive Results

The Wiltshire community health trainer service started in January 2014 and in 2016 supported over 800 adults to achieve and maintain their health and wellbeing. The Wiltshire Council Health Trainer Service Review 2016 can be found here.

during 2016 the top health related behaviours that clients were supported with by a health trainer were healthy eating or weight loss; 61% of all clients. Support with emotional wellbeing was the second most common reason for accessing support. Just over 50% of people completing the Health Trainer programme in 2016 lost weight with an average weight loss per client of just over 5 kilograms.Positive improvements have also been made in alcohol intake, healthy eating, self confidence, mental wellbeing scores  and self-reported general health,  

To contact a health coach email or ring 0300 003 4566 and the local health trainer will contact to book an appointment. Referrals accepted from staff or self-referral

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Quotes from Clients:

“By planning to go for a walk every afternoon I could clear my head and it gave me quality time with my son”

“I’ve looked at weekend meals and now instead of getting a takeaway I cook with my son. Meal times are fun and we even go shopping together!”

“I now enjoy time with my kids and we are doing something which is good for us; walking the dog.”

“Now I eat properly. I actually sit at the table with my children! The health trainer has helped me to realise the number of calories in alcohol and how much I was actually drinking and the impact it was having on all of us.”

Although this is an adult service the improved health behaviours of adults have a huge impact on their children.