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Health protection

Schools are common sites for transmission of infections. Children are particularly susceptible because:

  • they have immature immune systems
  • have close contact with other children
  • sometimes have no or incomplete vaccinations
  • have a poor understanding of hygiene practices

The way to prevent and manage infectious disease in your school is to:

  • promote immunisation
  • promptly exclude the unwell child or member of staff
  • check that effective handwashing is being carried out routinely

Guidance from Public Health England: 

Health protection in schools and other childcare facilities (PHE, 2017)

Guidance from Public Health England South West Health Protection Team: 

The Spotty Book. Notes on infectious diseases in Schools and Nurseries (PHE/SWHPT, 2017)

The following resources and case studies are available to help Wiltshire schools address some common issues as part of a whole school approach, including PSHE education.

Poster: Guidance on infection prevention and control in schools and childcare settings (Wiltshire Council, 2018).