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Health protection

January 2020

Below are posters from Public Health England to be displayed in your school regarding what to do if people have travelled to Wuhan, China.

They describe the symptoms and precautions needed. The posters come in 3 different sizes that you can print off and display.

Public Health England also have a Q&A blog, this blog gives the most current advice and information on the virus. The blog can be accessed here Q&A Blog

A3 poster

A4 poster

A5 poster

Schools are common sites for transmission of infections. Children are particularly susceptible because:

  • they have immature immune systems
  • have close contact with other children
  • sometimes have no or incomplete vaccinations
  • have a poor understanding of hygiene practices

The way to prevent and manage infectious disease in your school is to:

  • promote immunisation
  • promptly exclude the unwell child or member of staff
  • check that effective handwashing is being carried out routinely

Guidance from Public Health England: 

Health protection in schools and other childcare facilities (PHE, 2017)

Guidance from Public Health England South West Health Protection Team: 

The Spotty Book. Notes on infectious diseases in Schools and Nurseries (PHE/SWHPT, 2017)

The following resources and case studies are available to help Wiltshire schools address some common issues as part of a whole school approach, including PSHE education.

Poster: Guidance on infection prevention and control in schools and childcare settings (Wiltshire Council, 2018).