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Oral Health Promotion Team (from 2017)

The Happy Smiles Award

This exciting programme has been designed to be used throughout your primary school, to improve children’s oral health.The programme should be completed within an academic year, working together to give positive health messages, to achieve good health outcomes. 

If your primary school would like to apply to participate in this programme, please complete this application form, and send it to us at: 

One of our team members will then contact you to arrange the implementation of Happy Smiles.

You can also use the Happy Smiles Award materials to provide evidence for Bronze, Silver or Gold Wiltshire Healthy Schools criteria. Several schools have used support from the Oral Health Team to improve oral health.  

Oral Health E- Learning Training Pack for Teachers

The Oral Health Promotion Team have produced a training resource designed to give teachers some evidence based oral health information that will help to support oral health sessions or projects within the classroom.

If you would like a teacher training pack, send a request via email to:

We would really appreciate any feedback. If you could spare a few minutes to complete the evaluation form and send it back to us as instructed within the pack, we would be very grateful. After receiving this evaluation, we will send a certificate to you as proof of completing the training.

Other useful links

Oral Health Foundation Dental Buddy Programme at:

Oral Health Promotion Sessions

Tooth decay, in most cases, can be prevented when children are motivated to improve their oral hygiene and snack options. The oral health promotion team is skilled in delivering sessions (designated schools only), providing resources online and training for staff (face to face and online).

Here are some suggestions for lesson planning. We have designed and produced work books for all Key Stages which correspond to these lessons:

Key Stage 1
Puppets or stories with interactive resources, which introduce tooth brushing, diet and dental visits in a fun and interactive way.

Key Stage 2 (Years 3 & 4)
A session looking at teeth and their functions, charting teeth, diet and tooth decay finishing with a quiz and prizes.

Key Stage 2 (Years 5 & 6)
The process of decay, diet, reading food labels, recognising sugar contained in products. At the end of the session the students will have compiled a work book containing all the information.


Dental health workbook 1 (year 2)

Dental health workbook 2 (year 3/4)

Dental health workbook 3 (year 5/6)

Kevin the tooth fairy (post visit parent leaflet)

Tilly the toot fairy (post visit parent leaflet)  

Dental health certificate

Early Years support

The Oral Health Promotion team would like to offer you and your staff the opportunity to set up a tooth brushing scheme within your setting. We have designed a toolkit that will provide all details on how to get started and how to sustain tooth brushing within a nursery / pre-school setting.

If you would like to sign up for the tooth brushing scheme, or if you would like a training pack, please contact the Oral Health Promotion Team by emailing:

If you apply for the tooth brushing scheme, you may be entitled to some staff training.


If you would like further information, please contact

The Oral Health Promotion Team