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Learn 4 Life

Learn 4 Life (2011) is written by Wiltshire teachers for Wiltshire teachers. It is a complete scheme of work for years 1 to 6, which is designed to integrate the SEAL emotional literacy materials with the wider aspects of the PSHE Education curriculum.

The Children's Charter for PSHE Education, produced by children from Wiltshire primary schools has been our guiding light in developing this scheme of work.

As a starting point, teachers should read the 'Teacher's Guide' in the 'Introductory Documents' file. 

Some of the lesson plans and accompanying resources have been removed while they are reviewed.

Wiltshire schools were provided with the complete materials in 2011 and may request an additional copy on disc if needed.

We are unable to send these materials to schools outside Wiltshire.  

These online materials are the most up to date versions of the resources originally sent to schools on disc. You can find details of any updates and changes here