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Summary of secondary school findings

from the 2020 lockdown survey 

Emotional wellbeing information and support for young people in Wiltshire: onyourmind


  • Lockdown has had a very mixed response on happiness 
  • Many people will be happy about the reduced amount of school, but lockdown will create many challenges for you as well, therefore the responses are variable
  • BBC Radio 4 – 7 tips for staying happy and healthy during a lockdown 

Why aren’t I sleeping well? 

  • Exercise, artificial light (e.g. screens), sleep schedule, anxiety, late night snacks, temperature

Consider how your sleep patterns have changed during lockdown if you are getting less sleep each night.

  • Amount of sleep needed for 11-13 year olds: 10-11 hours per night
  • Amount of sleep needed for 14-17 year olds: 8-10 hours per night
  • Solutions for bad sleep from Mental Health Foundation and
  • Apps: Relax melodies, sleep genius or pzizz 


  • 50% of students in years 7-12 are exercising less in lockdown then beforehand.  
  • Younger year-groups have struggled more to get as much exercise during lockdown as they had beforehand.
  • Stay healthy and exercise using:

The importance of exercise during lockdown 

NHS 12 week fitness plan

How to exercise when stuck at home  

  • Almost everyone during lockdown felt some degree of loneliness.  
  • Year 12 and 13 struggled more with loneliness than younger years such as year 7 and 8. 
  • How to decrease loneliness: Mental Health Foundation and