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Training feedback

PSHEE Network meetings

"It was very useful being able to talk to other people about what they are doing in their own schools" 

"Updating on what's happening and what we can tap into was excellent."

"Getting all the updates from a brilliant team"

"Fantastic to hear positive praise about Learn 4 Life!! Made me think of the first brainshower/overview session. Now it's real!"

"Glad these meetings are still continuing!!"

"Looking forward to meeting again"

Wiltshire teachers 

A visitor's guide to PSHE Education

"Thoroughly enjoyed today and would really like to do my PSHE training"

"I liked the mix of interactive and listening.  The trainers were knowledgeable and informative"

"This course has given me a lot more confidence to give lessons to schools as before I hated giving talks"

"I enjoyed the section on students with learning difficulties and felt the information will really help when giving a class discussion"

"I will plan my lessons more thoroughly with clearer learning objectives and a good summary"

"The section on dealing with difficult scenarios was good"

"I have learnt to make my session much more positive!"

Various agencies, including Police officers (2012) 

Frank's Friends - peer support training (drugs)

"Very good, I liked it because it was physically and mentally stimulating"

"I feel this was very successful and useful, I've learnt a lot and expanding this around other schools/colleges will be extremely useful"

"Good knowledge by presenters. Lots of information, opportunities to ask questions"

"Open views towards drugs and understanding of others taking drugs was brilliant"

"Very interesting and easy to understand"

Students at Wiltshire College (2010 & 2011)

Managing Drug Related Incidents at School and Updating Drug Awareness

"An excellent day. Everyone was fully supportive and lots of good information to take away and develop"

"Thank you. An excellent course from an excellent team. Very informative and enjoyable"  

"Interesting, useful and appreciated"

Wiltshire teachers (2011)

Supporting Young People with Emotional Health and Wellbeing

"Excellent delivery and organisation"

"Excellent overview of Child Protection"

"Good pace and variety of tasks. Good timing"

"Highlighting areas of self harm I hadn't considered"

"Reminder of school procedures and policies was useful"

"Another well focused/ well paced session"

"Delivery and content very good"

"All of it was thought provoking and made me reflect"

Wiltshire secondary school staff (2012)

Sex and Relationships Education 

"Very helpful. It was useful to look at what aspects of sex and relationships are taught in each key stage" 

"A good introduction to developing policy and practice"

"Enjoyed the sorting activity...led to a great deal of discussion on our table; it makes us realise just how much we have to cover in primary school"

Wiltshire teachers (2012)

A Governor's Guide to Sex and Relationship Education and Drug Education

"Well balanced and interesting day. Very useful paperwork/handouts."

"Whole day was well structured; all good"

"The whole day was very informative"

"Relationships and Sex Education update very helpful"

"Better informed and more confident as a governor and with young people" 

"Highlighted a variety of areas where we are lacking expertise and the need to update policies"

"I hope to support the head with our PSHE Policy and support with parent info awareness"

Wiltshire Governors (2012)


Core Skills in PSHE Education

"Feel much more confident in delivering PSHE to class and to share information with colleagues in school"

"Thank you, I did not realise how much I have to do!! Inspiration for what to do next"

"Very useful to remind me of previous things used, new resources and good quality approaches to teaching PSHE"

"Pointers as to what my school needs to develop and how to go about it"

"Thank you for the advice and support. Nick is very knowledgeable and your experiences are valued"

Wiltshire teachers (2016)

Advanced Skills in PSHE Education

"I have taught some drug related lessons and you have confirmed I am approachng them in an appropriate and effective way. I am looking forward to day 2"

"Feel enthused to kick start Learn 4 Life and cross reference to the International Primary Curriculum"

"More confident in what drug education should look like"

"The use of social norms in the classroom" (was particularly successful)

"I love that it's all about promoting positive health and wellbeing"

Wiltshire teachers (2012)

"As a result of attending the Advanced PSHE course, I approached management and Governors to change the way our SRE is run and last night at Governors a new policy was agreed and adopted that now means we cover SRE much more comprehensively throughout the school. We are now looking forward to running 2 parents evenings in Jan so that we can incorporate SRE into Spring Term 2 as per the new SoW - which by the way is going great! I love it!
Thanks for all your help with this!"

Wiltshire teachers (2011)

Subject Leadership in Primary PSHE Education

"A super course. I came on it with limited knowledge as a subject leader and feel confident to take the subject forward in the next academic year."

"Thank you for an interesting day! I am looking forward to implementing some of the things covered in these sessions."

"I think the event addressed everything for where I am currently"

Wiltshire teachers (2012)

"Very helpful - excellent support materials. Great practical suggestions. Warm, supportive learning environment. I thoroughly enjoyed today and feel much more confident"  

"Thank you, I now feel I have the tools and the confidence to take some positive steps forward as a PSHE Coordinator."

"I now know what my responsibilities are and how to go about them."

"These PSHE courses always help me to reflect on my own teaching and the situation dictated by my setting. I feel I have a plan!"

"Most helpful - I now feel well supported and capable of meeting the challenges ahead of me."

Primary teachers (2011)

An Introduction to Learn 4 Life

"As a 'newbie' to the subject I found it all very comprehensive."

"Very informative, well balanced delivery...will have an impact within the school"

"Gave me the basic start to introduce new scheme to my school"

"Many thanks! I feel enthused!"

Primary teachers (2011/2012)