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Healthy Relationships - a toolkit for ages 14-16

Friday 17th May 2024

FearFree have produced this educational toolkit, developed with young people, as a resource to help prevent domestic violence and abuse and encourage discussion and debate around healthy relationships and self-esteem.

The resource includes details of national and Wiltshire based helping agencies. 

Young people within the 14-16 year old age group are at the greatest risk of experiencing relationship abuse and this resource has been born through the realisation that there is a significant gap in support for these young people. The activities and information are aimed at supporting and empowering the 14-16 year old age group, of either gender, to gain skills and knowledge in four main areas; Respect, Safety, Esteem and Rights. The activities are designed to be used independently of each other with learning objectives and outcomes outlined.

Written by the Children’s and Young Persons (CYP) team at Devon Domestic Abuse Support Service (FearFree) and funded by the OPCC through the Competed Fund, this has been written to provide support and resources to professionals such as teaching staff. It complements and builds on the information given on relationships in PHSE lessons, but can also easily be used by anyone working with a young person. The aim of the CYP service is to increase the safety and wellbeing of children and young people affected by domestic abuse and to break the cycle of abuse. 

Wiltshire schools will be able to discuss the topic of Healthy Relationships at the next

Wiltshire Healthy Schools network meeting - Focus on Healthy Relationships & Sexual Health 
on Thursday 4th July 2024 3:45-4:45 (Click to book)   

With input from:

  • NSPCC on their primary and secondary school programmes
  • Wiltshire Council Public Health Team: Public Health Practitioner - Sexual Health


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