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Over Seventy Wiltshire schools achieve Healthy Schools Award

Tuesday 4th July 2023

Schools in Wiltshire have gained awards for hitting top marks for encouraging healthy lifestyles and wellbeing.

Healthy Schools is a Wiltshire Council programme designed to effectively address the health and wellbeing of children and young people. 

Using the whole school approach and teaching Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education, schools can build on previous developments to actively promote learning and healthy lifestyle choices. Support provided aims to build the capacity of schools to deliver effective and sustainable interventions for all children. 

Schools can apply for accreditation at three levels: bronzesilver or gold, starting with bronze level. Currently 71 schools hold the accreditation, with 15 receiving the award this term.

  • Bemerton St John CofE Aided Primary School (Silver 2023-2026)

  • Chafyn Grove School (Bronze 2023-2026)

  • The Clarendon Academy (Bronze 2023-2026)

  • Greentrees Primary School (Gold 2023-2026)

  • Holbrook Primary School (Bronze 2023-2026)

  • Kingdown School (Silver 2023-2026)

  • Longleaze Primary School (Silver 2023-2026)

  • Manor Fields Primary School (Gold 2023-2026)

  • The Mead Community Primary School (Bronze 2023-2026)

  • St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Devizes (Bronze 2023-2026)

  • St Martin's CofE VA Primary School (Bronze 2023-2026) 

  • Winterslow CofE Aided Primary School (Bronze 2023-2026)

  • Woodlands Primary School (Silver 2023-2026)

  • Wootton Bassett Infants' School (Bronze 2023-2026)

  • Zouch Academy (Silver 2023-2026)

Cllr Laura Mayes, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services said:

Our Healthy Schools programme recognises the hard work of our school communities to create a healthy space for pupils to learn and grow. We have some amazing initiatives from schools who have taken a step back and considered what would really make a difference and these have had a positive impact on pupils and the whole school community. I’m delighted that so many schools have received this award and I would encourage more to come forward in the future.”

The latest to achieve the accolade is Kingdown School in Warminster, receiving a silver award for its work focussed on improving the mental health and emotional wellbeing of students. The work included the launch of a ‘Wellbeing Champions’ programme and consequently there has been a significant decrease in the number of students reporting anxiety, and an increase in the number of students feeling they have someone to speak to about their mental health.

The Kingdown School left to right: Dan Hatcher (Head of House), Helen Carpenter (Headteacher), Renarde (Youth Councillor),  Poppyella (Youth Councillor),  Olivia (Twickenham House Captain), Nick Bolton (Wiltshire Council Healthy Schools Lead), Kelvin (Youth Councillor),  Cllr Tony Jackson, Cameron Draisey (Wiltshire Council Youth Voice Support Worker).

Many schools achieving the award have also had a visit from Wiltshire Youth Councillors who have also provided their feedback on the schools.

Other schools achieving awards in the last year include:

  • Aloeric Primary School (Silver 2022-2025)

  • Broad Hinton CofE Primary School (Bronze 2022-2025)

  • Burbage Primary School (Bronze 2022-2025)

  • By Brook Valley CofE Primary School (Bronze 2022-2025)

  • Castle Mead School (Silver 2022-2025)

  • Collingbourne CofE Primary School (Gold 2022-2025)

  • The Corsham School (Bronze 2022-2025)

  • Crockerton CofE Primary School (Bronze 2022-2025)

  • Great Bedwyn CofE Primary School (Silver 2022-2025)

  • Hardenhuish School (Silver 2022-2025)

  • Horningsham Primary School (Silver 2022-2025)

  • Luckington Community School (Bronze 2022-2025)

  • Ludwell Community Primary School (Bronze 2022-2025)

  • The New Forest CofE VA Primary School at Landsford, Nomansland & Hamptworth (Silver 2022-2025)

  • Old Sarum Primary School (Bronze 2022-2025)

  • Sarum St Pauls CofE VA Primary School (Silver 2022-2025)

  • Southwick CofE Primary School (Bronze 2022-2025)

  • St George's Catholic Primary School, Warminster (Bronze: 2022-2025)

  • St Nicholas CofE Primary School, Porton (Silver 2022-2025)

  • St Peter's CofE Academy (Silver 2022-2025)

  • The Trafalgar School at Downton (Bronze 2022-2025)

  • Woodford Valley CE Primary Academy (Silver 2022-2025)

In the last year Youth Councillors visited The Clarendon Academy, The Corsham School, Hardenhuish School, Kingdown School, The Trafalgar School at Downton and Wootton Bassett Infants’ School to recognise their innovations and fresh approaches.

Wootton Bassett Infants’ School received a bronze award for their work to promote the health and the wellbeing of children. The PSHE lead supports pupil voice and visitors are used to support the PSHE curriculum, linked to current topics/learning. There has been a trained Senior Mental Health Lead in place since September 2021. The wellbeing team are heavily invested in supporting parents and children. A staff wellbeing audit has been completed and actions included in an action plan.

Wootton Bassett Infants' School left to right: Cameron Draisey (Wiltshire Council Youth Voice Support Worker), Nick Bolton (Wiltshire Council Healthy Schools Lead),  Mrs Alison Pass (Headteacher), Bobby (Youth Councillor).

The Clarendon Academy received a bronze award for their work promoting personal development, including the enhancement of pastoral support and the PSHE curriculum.        

The Corsham School received a Healthy Schools bronze award. Wiltshire Youth Councillors noted the great pastoral work, variety of food and extra-curricular activities and how students always feel there is someone they can talk to and raise issues with. Peer support has also been useful. Lunches have a wide variety of food options including vegan meals.  There are also a great number of clubs and trips offered by the school.

The Corsham School School left to right: Cllr Dominic Muns (Portfolio Holder for Education), Cameron Draisey (Wiltshire Council Youth Voice Support Worker), Lydia Smith (Inclusion Coordinator), Christopher Smith (Deputy Headteacher).

The Trafalgar School at Downton received its bronze award for wide-ranging work which has included: a new wellbeing website for support, a refurbished restaurant with more efficient service, as well as work to further promote pupil voice and challenge discrimination.  Youth Councillors visiting the school said they were warmly welcomed. They were also impressed by the strong pastoral support and options students have for extracurricular activities. But most of all they felt the teachers and students they met seemed safe and happy with their school overall.

The Trafalgar School at Downton left to right: Jess Wiltshire (Youth Councillor), Cameron Draisey (Wiltshire Council Youth Voice Support Worker), Rachael Faulkner (Deputy Headteacher), Cllr Laura Mayes, Kelvin (Youth Councillor).

Hardenhuish School received a silver award for work in supporting students to reflect on their feelings. In addition to a new wellbeing webpage, the school introduced the 'daily dials' using the Mental Health Dashboard to look at what impacts on mental health and specific strategies that can be used to improve this. Pupil voice was also noted as a strength of the school, with students involved in decisions about uniform changes, behaviour policy updates, charity support, student surveys and also in new staff appointments.

Hardenhuish School left to right:  Amelia (Sixth Form Student Leadership Team), Hattie (Youth Councillor), Cameron Draisey (Wiltshire Council Youth Voice Support Worker).

Schools wanting to know more about healthy schools can contact or visit for more information.

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