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NSPCC Talk Relationships for secondary schools

Wednesday 24th April 2024

This week the NSPCC are launching phase 2 of this project which will provide secondary schools with support in developing a whole school approach to sex and relationship education focussing on ensuring young people across the UK understand healthy behaviours in relationships and recognise their right to be safe, heard and respected. You can also find out more about Talk Relationships on the NSPCC Learning website.

Between September 2022 and February 2023, 98% of teachers who completed the phase 1 e-learning said they would recommend the training, 95% said the training had made a positive difference to their professional practice, and over 92% said they felt highly or moderately confident about delivering sex and relationships education (SRE)* after doing our training.

In England and Wales, statutory guidance for sex and relationships education recommends a whole school approach to sex and relationships education.

For the second phase of Talk Relationships, the NSPCC have partnered with Life Lessons to develop a Whole-School Approach Framework to Sex and Relationships Education.  This will help schools to create a safe and responsive educational environment, where young people can speak out and seek help.

The framework is made up of 5 documents that, when used together, will support school leaders to implement a whole-school approach to sex and relationships education based on evidence and best practice:

  • Evidence base document
  • Implementation guide
  • Whole School Approach Framework
  • 8 components that work together to make up a whole-school approach to sex and relationships education.
  • A set of key overarching ‘benchmarks’ for each component, that your school should implement to achieve an effective whole-school approach.
  • Good practice examples of the benchmarks in action.
  • Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) Snapshot  - a self-assessment tool
  • An editable action plan template.

* Talk Relationships, uses the term 'sex and relationships education' (SRE) to encompass the range of different terms used across the UK. All Talk Relationships resources align with and complement the sex and relationships curriculum and guidance in each nation across the UK.

This approach will complement other PSHE resources that Wiltshire schools are using and also work to achieve Wiltshire Healthy Schools status.

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