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Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

Monday 13th May 2024

Mental Health Awareness Week, organised by the Mental Health Foundation runs from the 13th to the 19th of May. This years theme “Movement: Moving more for our mental health” 🚶🏃🚴highlights the important effect that physical activity has on our well-being.

Move More for your Mental Health: Mini Moments to Move, and Make it Fun!
Life is busy, many of us don’t have time to go for run, or long walk. So set small and realistic goals that you can slowly build from- and make the activity fun!

  • Make it fun; dance, play and be competitive
  • If you drive to and from work, walk to the end of your street and back to your house before you go in
  • Take a Break, Take a Stand. Set a timer when you know you will be sitting down, every 15-20 minutes you can stand up, stretch, have a little wander.
  • You can also do some chair excercises
  • Sign up to Street Tag - An Interactive app that turns the world around you into a virtual playground, where you gain points through being physically active!

Support, Learning and Training Spotlight:
Wiltshire schools can support staff to recognise and respond to mental health issues by attending Youth Mental Health First Aid training, which is subsided for those working with young people in Wiltshire aged 8-18: Youth Mental Health First Aid. Senior Mental Health Lead network meetings are also provided to enable staff to hear about and discuss current issues for supporting young people: BSW Senior Mental Health Lead Network  

Wiltshire Family and Community Learning works with parents or adults over 19 in the Wiltshire area, teaching a variety of courses that can enable you to learn new skills, gain knowledge and enhance peoples lives! They cover topics from helping children with their learning, confidence building, English and maths skills and wellbeing. You can find a current list of courses here.

The Charlie Waller Trust is a mental health charity offering free, evidence-based training and resources for schools and families, colleges and universities. They will be releasing tips and resources for mental health awareness week. They also have Wellbeing Action Plans for children, young people and adults.

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