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Latest Wiltshire Health Related Behaviour Survey

Monday 2nd April 2012

The latest survey involved 2330 children from 32 Wiltshire schools.

Wiltshire is largely a healthy county and we continue to see various long term positive trends as well as highlighting some areas for improvement.

This year, as well as the main summary, we have produced 3 additional summary reports to help further analyse our local data (Emotional Health, Drugs, Healthy Weight).

You can access all 3 reports and the data tables here 

Some notable points:

  • Significantly more primary children in Wiltshire eat fresh fruit than nationally.
  • We have seen a continued decline in young people using all drugs, with significant recent falls in secondary age pupils reporting excessive drinking (significantly lower drunkenness than the national sample).
  • Significantly more Wiltshire primary pupils never drink alcohol and significantly less Wiltshire secondary pupils got drunk last week, compared with a national sample.  
  • There has been an increase (by 7%) of secondary school pupils who feel that their school takes bullying seriously since 2008.
  • Fear of bullying amongst primary school pupils (year 6) has risen by 6% since 2008 (higher than the national sample) although bullying incidents haven’t (they have fallen slightly) and are lower than the national comparison sample.
  • Wiltshire Secondary school pupils are less likely to know about sexual health services near to them, than the national sample.
  • Time spent by Year 8s playing computer games for more than 3 hours in the evening before the survey has doubled to 31% since 2008.
  • More primary school children worry about family problems and are less likely to clean their teeth than a national sample.