Supporting schools to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people
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Silver Level

Schools can become a silver level Wiltshire Healthy School by completing a self-assessment audit and undertaking a focused intervention. The silver level audit is an extended version of the bronze level audit. Once completed, silver level status is valid for three years.

The Wiltshire Healthy Schools audit enables schools to provide evidence showing that they are meeting criteria under the headings of:

  • The Whole School Approach
  • PSHE education
  • Healthy Weight (incorporating Healthy Eating and Physical Activity)
  • Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health

As a school completes the online audit, areas for development can be identified and a simple action plan produced.

To achieve silver level, schools must first have successfully completed bronze level.    

In addition to the audit, schools working at Silver Level are required to also carry out some focused health and wellbeing interventions to make measurable changes to the health behaviours of children and young people. Schools are requested to demonstrate evidence of need by using in-house or local health data to assist with identifying one or two outcomes they would like to achieve to improve the health behaviours of their pupils and/or staff. Schools are also required to consider how they will ensure maximum engagement of pupils from vulnerable groups.They then devise some activities to address these issues and set targets to achieve within two years of commencement.

Like the bronze level, schools can not access the silver level independently. The school will work through the silver level and gain accreditation with the support of the Healthy Schools Programme Lead.

At silver level schools receive:

  • A one day introductory training course
  • A half day of audit training (for new coordinators)
  • Access to the online audit and action plan, for up to 3 years
  • Telephone and email support

Schools able to provide evidence that they are meeting the Silver standards receive: 

  • Accreditation from the WHS Quality Assurance Group
  • Invitation to a celebration event
  • Permission to use the Wiltshire Healthy Schools logo
  • Dated 'Wiltshire Healthy Schools silver level' wall plaque

Cost for 3 years accreditation (2018):

£150 for all schools.

Once a school becomes a Silver Level Healthy School they can choose to reaccredit at this level, reaccredit at Bronze Level, or move onto the more challenging Gold Level.