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Thursday 1st February 2018


SUGAR SMART Wiltshire is part of a national campaign headed up by Jamie Oliver and the charity Sustain. Local Authorities are invited to sign up to the campaign by registering their interest on the SUGAR SMART website –


How does it work?

Unlike other public health campaigns which usually run for 1 day or a week, there is no time limit on this campaign. We plan to run the campaign alongside the Obesity Strategy 2016-20.

In Wiltshire we will be using the campaign to highlight the positive work that is already going on, such as our Healthy Schools programme and the Eat Out Eat Well Healthy Catering award. We will also use the campaign to call for schools, alongside workplaces, leisure centres, dental practices, supermarkets etc. to make their own pledges in becoming SUGAR SMART. There are a range of pledges on the website but we will also encourage new pledges to be developed to suit the needs of the community/workforce etc.

Schools and other organisations are invited to register their pledges on the SUGAR SMART web site; email  to send an invite to the website. The website will collate all local SUGAR SMART actions so we can keep track of all the fantastic work.

More information about SUGAR SMART Wiltshire here.

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