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Risky Behaviours local survey data

Thursday 16th June 2016

A third report has been released this week exploring data from our 2015 survey of 7000 children and young people.

The new report on Risky behaviours explores tobacco, alcohol and use of other drugs.

The findings show that the vast majority of young people do not smoke, drink alcohol regularly or use illegal drugs. However use is higher among some vulnerable groups.

99% of Wiltshire primary pupils and 94% of Wiltshire secondary school pupils do not smoke (have never tried smoking or only tried it once or twice)

96% of Wiltshire primary pupils and 81% of Wiltshire secondary pupils do not drink alcohol (have never drunk alcohol or only tried it once or twice)

93% of Wiltshire secondary pupils have never tried illegal drugs. 

All 3 themed summary reports can be found here