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Primary and secondary recovery packages from Jigsaw

Sunday 28th June 2020

The Jigsaw ‘Recovery Package’ is free to all secondary schools, who might find it helpful, not just those using Jigsaw PSHE 11-16.



 It can be accessed here

The introduction found here shares the content overview: 6 new lesson plans and resilience-building pack, suitable (at teachers’ discretion) for home-study or as teacher-led sessions.


The Jigsaw 3-11 ‘Recovery’ package is free to Jigsaw Schools and can be found here 

It comprises:

• Assemblies
• Lessons for different age phases e.g.

Temporary revised Jigsaw Charter
The Coronavirus
Keeping safe and well
Managing worries, fears and anxieties
Loss and bereavement
Re-connecting with friends
Gratitude and appreciation
Looking forward to learning

• A map which shows how the current lessons in Jigsaw can be used to support specific issues that may be prevalent on return to school

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