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New Chameleon resources

Monday 10th May 2021

Free lesson pack on Women’s safety

Our ‘Women’s Safety’ lesson pack was completed in response to the media around the Sarah Everard case. It is aimed at 14-16+ years, but can be adapted for other age groups. It is free to download from our website or TES.


NEW Primary to secondary transition pack – Chameleon Compass

Chameleon Compass is a new resource to help primary schools prepare children for the move to secondary school. The Chameleon Compass library contains 26 activity packs dealing with everything from reading timetables to managing friendship changes. There are also guidance documents and a baseline/repeat survey included so schools and pupils can assess increased levels of confidence. The activity library is designed to allow staff to mix and match materials to build their own transition programme around any virtual or real pre-visits. The 12-month subscription license costs £99+VAT and more activity packs and resources will be added over time.

There is a free activity pack: ‘Getting organised’ that can be downloaded from our website if schools want a sample.


This week there is a free lesson free to download - but only for a week.

Any schools that have already signed up will already see it on their dashboard, but if they don't download it will disappear.

Schools who haven't yet set up an account will need to set up a free account and can then download the lesson, but with this one time is of the essence 


Chameleon PDE information brochures

We have produced 2 brochures to provide secondary schools with an overview of our service and resources. One focuses on teaching materials and the other on the ‘How are you?’ surveys that are included when schools subscribe to our premium resources. The surveys (including data analysis) can be purchased separately.  Brochures are direct downloads from the relevant pages on our website.

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