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Mighty Girls Positive Relationships Project

Wednesday 10th May 2023

Mighty Girls, based in Bradford on Avon, provide a safe space and age appropriate activities to encourage girls to develop their social skills, increase their well being and self esteem. We encourage them to try new things, make new friends and find their inner Mighty Girl.

The Positive Relationships Project promotes the health & wellbeing of students, and compliments the key components of the RSE curriculum around respectful relationships.

Participating schools will have an opportunity to get a snapshot of student perceptions via the Safe & Equal Perceptions questionnaire each school undertakes, and respond to the youth voice from the actions and recommendations the young people propose during the project.

The project is run over 5 or 6 workshop style sessions, with the young people identifying a particular challenge in their peer relationships, and working together to improve things.

We hope to share our learning as the project progresses, and will offer opportunities for the youth advocates to visit other schools in the county to share their experiences and help on board other young people.

The project is open to all Wiltshire secondary schools - not just girls and those who identify as girls.  We are keen to get everyone around the table to improve things for all young people, and know that under represented groups need to take part.

Contacts are:

Kath Harries - Project Coordinator

Marsha Mars - Project Manager

Project flier

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