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DfE Healthy Schools Rating Scheme

Monday 8th July 2019

This morning, the Department for Education published details for the new Healthy Schools Rating Scheme.

The healthy schools rating scheme is available to all primary and secondary schools participating in the Active Lives Children and Young People survey

Schools who chose to take part will complete a self-assessment and then receive a rating based on their responses around food education, compliance with the school food standards, time spent on physical education and the promotion of active travel.

Each participating school will receive a report based on their survey answers, and those achieving Gold, Silver or Bronze awards will receive a certificate. 

The healthy schools rating scheme was developed based on testing with schools in summer 2018, and has now been launched by the Department for Education as a Beta phase for schools for its first year. The DfE welcome any feedback on the scheme during this phase to inform future improvements to the scheme.

The scheme is managed by the DfE.

Will this replace Wiltshire Healthy Schools?

Although many LAs in the South West have their own Healthy Schools programmes, schools in some other areas of the country do not have access to a local programme.  

While the Wiltshire Healthy Schools audit contains similar standards, as part of it's healthy weight theme, it will continue to accredit schools using a broader definition of a Healthy School.

The Wiltshire standards will continue to incorporate both national and local recommendations for schools. 

The Wiltshire standards can also be used to show parents, Ofsted and others how schools are actively promoting learning and healthy lifestyle choices and, at silver and gold levels, the measurable impact for children of this work across the 4 themes.

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