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Advice from Carer Support Wiltshire about Young Carers

Thursday 19th March 2020

Young carers, under the age of 18 are in a particularly difficult situation during this time and this may be disproportionately worrying for those who are caring for a parent in a single parent household. Support provided by local carers services and schools can be crucial in helping young carers to balance their needs with those of the person needing care and support. Young carers are children and young people, so developmentally they may need more support in terms of managing dynamic and changing situations, especially if their usual solutions are not available (e.g their local supermarket or pharmacist does not have supplies).

Sometimes schools are the young carers place of refuge. It is important that as schools close, that schools understand who within their communities are identified as young carers. We would strongly recommend schools to nominate a lead person to make regular contact with young carers during this time as it may only be the school or teacher who knows that one of their pupils is looking after someone at home.

If you have concerns about a young person please call Wiltshire MASH on 03004560100

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