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World Book Day 3rd March and mental health

Friday 25th February 2022

The theme of World Book Day 3rd March 2022 is reading for pleasure: Feeling sense of satisfaction or pleasure by engaging with chosen material in their free time.

Here are some suggestions for links to mental health concepts from Strormbreak: resilience, self-care, relationships, self-worth, hope and optimism.

Resilience: Reading can help to label difficult emotions. Completing challenging books can make you feel more resilient.

Self-Care: Choosing to care for yourself by setting time aside to read regularly.

Relationships: Choosing books and reading together is a positive way to bond and explore relationships.

Self-worth: Reading can help us to build confidence in ourselves, as well as seeing how others model their own experiences and self worth.

Hope and Optimism: Reading takes us to new places. It can help us to explore and to have new dreams.

Suggested stormbreaks for World Book Day week are below. You can log in to register your stormbreaks if you are watching along online. Creating an account with stormbreak is easy, and it's free.

Email at if you have any questions or would like further information on how to get involved more with stormbreak.

Resilience: Pebble Meditation

Self-Care: Life in Balance

Relationships: Copy Cats

Self-Worth: Classroom Rockstars

Hope and Optimism: Mood Shift

Reading well in Wiltshire libraries

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