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Right Choice

Teaching about consent at KS3&4

Friday 13th March 2015

This month the PSHE Association published new guidance and teaching materials around consent for Key Stages 3 & 4.

This guidance, which can be found here is split into two parts: the first is general advice for schools on teaching about consent, outlining key concepts like ‘healthy relationships’ and the legal definition of consent so that teachers are clear about it themselves.  It also provides guidance on how to ground lessons in real life contexts, while encouraging pupils not to talk about personal circumstances.

The second half provides eight lesson plans on different elements of consent, including avoiding assumptions relating to consent, the right to withdraw consent, the capacity to consent (including the impact of alcohol on consent) and challenging myths relating to consent.

The best PSHE education is a partnership between home and school, so teachers should ensure that parents and carers are fully involved and this guidance provides links to advice on how to do so effectively. The guidance should be read and used alongside the school’s safeguarding/child protection policy.