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Ofsted Personal Development free live webinar

Wednesday 15th June 2022

Globalbridge, would like to invite your schools/colleges to a presentation from HMI and national Ofsted lead Roary Pownall on Tuesday 28th June at 4:30pm. The presentation will cover:

  1. What is Personal Development (PD)? - Why is it important for children and young people? A deep rooted part of school life, not just to be fitted in as and when.
  2. How do we (Ofsted) inspect PD in schools? - How you (the school) can feel prepared for it, and be able to explain what you are doing and why. Give some thoughts on what to consider before implementing, its quality not quantity.
  3. Key indicators of effective practice - Reassurance about what effective practice looks like. What works. Cognitive science behind PD

Be sure to register your place quickly by clicking on the registration link below, as we only have limited availability for the event and it is sure to be a very popular and informative presentation.

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