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Free Persona Dolls for 50 primary schools

Tuesday 25th February 2014

50 Wiltshire primary schools are being offered the opportunity to receive a Persona Doll. A half day briefing is also being provided on their use, with a networking lunch.

Persona Dolls are specialist practicioner dolls with individual personalities and life histories, which visit children during circle time.

Persona Dolls are given their own personalities, family and cultural backgrounds, likes, dislikes and stories to tell.

Persona Dolls are a way of introducing children to social diversity.

Persona Dolls are used to try and prevent young children from learning prejudiced attuitudes and discriminatory behaviour.

Persona Dolls can help children to consider the feelings of others, to emphasise and to give advice without personalising a situation.

Persona Dolls can provide a non-threatening way to build on children's sense of identity, self-esteem and confidence.

Use of Persona Dolls is also specifically linked to aspects of safeguarding for children.

If you are interested in receiving a Personal Doll, and attending the training opportunity, please reply to Julia Kirwan