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betty for schools - period education

Friday 9th March 2018

half a million pupils reached in first year of period education

betty for schools, the period education programme, is celebrating its first birthday. Over the last year this free period education resource hub has been helping girls and boys learn about periods in an open and engaging way.

The programme is designed to highlight both the emotional and physical aspects of period education. Nearly half a million pupils aged between 8-12 have experienced both the workshops and resources, contributing towards the goal of creating a generation of girls and boys who are comfortable and confident in talking about periods.

The betty bus used by facilitators to support and enhance learning, visited a total of 210 schools across the UK reaching approximately 17,000 pupils, and the PSHE accredited online teaching resources were downloaded over 60,000 times and shared with over 500,000 pupils. The combined efforts of both the programme’s workshops and resources resulted in reaching over half a million pupils and 3,700 schools in the UK.

The resources are suitable for PSHE lessons and are fully accredited by the PSHE Association’s Quality Assurance Mark. Film-led, with a mix of animations, quizzes and interactive activities, they have been created with education experts and young people, to empower teachers to deliver sessions with confidence.

Research commissioned by the betty team after the first year of school visits found that after a betty for schools workshop, 69% of girls said they felt less scared or worried about starting their period, and 81% of boys stated that they felt they knew how to support someone if they were feeling unwell or emotional due to their period.

With period poverty dominating current conversations, and many schools ill- equipped with the resources they need to teach period education, betty for schools is tackling the issue by donating 40,000 pieces of femcare to the most deprived schools in the UK. The team will also bring period education to more schools for another year, with 900 schools currently on the waiting list for a visit from the betty bus. betty for schools is also currently offering free sample packs of betty pads to schools on request.

To order your free sample pack or to download the betty for schools PSHE accredited free teaching resources, go to:

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