Prioritise staff training and professional development

Wellbeing and mental health support should be part of the core business of everyone in schools and colleges.

Identify what training is needed for staff.

All schools and colleges should offer teachers, and other practitioners, training and support in how to develop young people’s social and emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Training and development will also help ensure that staff have the knowledge, understanding and skills to deliver related parts of the curriculum effectively.

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Teachers should be able to...

Teachers should be able to manage behaviour effectively and have a clear understanding of the needs of pupils, including those with mental health needs.

Staff should be trained to...

Staff should be trained to identify and assess the early signs of anxiety, emotional distress and behavioural problems; they should know how to access pastoral care or specialist services and be able to assess whether a specialist should be involved, and support learners to make an appropriate request.

Training may cover listening and facilitating skills and the ability to be non-judgmental.

Learners should be supported to...

Learners should be supported to build successful relationships and helped with predictable change and transition.