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Wiltshire & Swindon's new Safety Centre  

The new Safety Centre was originally planned to be located in the north of Wiltshire at Wroughton Airfield.

However recent developments have meant that the original plans, as reflected in the leaflet, were delayed.

A new site in Swindon is planned to open during 2020.

The site will offer a full size indoor village with RoadWise (an outside road network).

The interactive life-sized environments will help people spot the potential for danger, learn about risk and consequence and how to take responsibility for their actions – all in a safe and controlled environment.

The Safety Centre will attract visitors of all ages, although target groups for school age children will be Year 5s and Years 9s. Children will be able to experience a range of scenarios that will enhance safety education in PSHE. 

Presentations to school staff took place at Wiltshire Healthy Schools events during 2016 and 2017, where teachers were consulted on the offer of the Safety Centre and key content.   

Information leaflet