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Living Streets (2018)

Wiltshire WOW pilot

During the summer term some Wiltshire primary schools will be piloting WOW - the year round walk to school challenge.

Badge Competition

Join Living Streets in getting children excited about walking to school in 2018!

This year’s competition runs until 16 March 2018.

This year's theme Walk the Seasons will take pupils on a year-round journey through Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer, bringing to life what pupils see across the year on their journey to school.

The creators of the 11 winning badges are awarded free WOW, the year-round walk to school resources for their school, a visit from Living Streets mascot – Strider and the prestigious accolade of their designs featuring on reward badges around the country.

May is Walk to School Week  

Living Street’s Walk to School Week runs from 21st-25th May 2018. The Walking Roots challenge will take pupils, their families and teachers on an educational adventure exploring the nature that surrounds them on their journey to and from school. It’s a fantastic way for schools to celebrate walking to school during National Walking Month and schools are able to purchase classroom challenge packs using their PE and Sport Premium from the online shop or by emailing

National Walking Month

National Walking Month 2018 is set to be bigger and better than ever before. Targeting a parent audience, it will focus on how families can fit more walking into their daily routines throughout the month and what the benefits of doing so are. Walk to School Week will be focused around parents swapping four wheels for two feet and signing up to hear more from Living Streets about their Walk to School campaign.