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Eat Like a Champ  (from 2014)

Registrations for Eat Like A Champ 2016/2017 are now open. Wiltshire primary schools can sign up to receive a free hard copy of the resources on the Eat Like A Champ website:

Eat Like A Champ is a free, evidence based healthy eating education programme aimed at Year 5 primary school children.  Through six specially tailored lessons in healthy eating, hydration and staying active led by teachers in their classes, Eat Like A Champ aims to make learning about healthy lifestyles exciting and inspiring for children. 


Eat Like a Champ has been developed by Danone in collaboration with the British Nutrition Foundation, who ensure that the resources are in line with the latest government guidelines. The programme also underwent a rigorous independent study by the Children’s Food Trust in 2012, which found that children who took part in Eat Like A Champ shifted their behaviour towards healthier eating habits. 

The first 3000 classes to register for Eat Like A Champ will receive a free hard copy of our toolkit, delivered directly to your school. The Eat Like A Champ toolkit is colourful and interactive, containing a teacher’s guide with lesson plans, worksheets, an Eatwell Guide poster, flashcards, stickers and a homework passport for each child to take home. The toolkit has also been completely updated this year, following Public Health England’s recent changes to the Eatwell Guide.  Eat Like A Champ also has a comprehensive website, providing digital copies of the toolkit resources, supporting powerpoints for each lesson, and extra tips and activities for parents and children.

For more information or to get in touch with Eat Like A Champ, please visit the website, follow @EatLikeAChampUK on twitter, or contact