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The Corefulness Nursery and Primary Schools’ Programmes are designed to support children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and to break down barriers to learning for all children.

The short, fun and engaging video-based exercise programmes provide a new way to enhance children’s education. The exercises improve fine and gross motor skills, eye tracking, balance, co-ordination and integrate primitive reflexes. 

The Nursery and Primary Schools’ Programmes: 

  • Improve children’s ‘readiness to learn’.
  • Address the root causes of learning difficulties.
  • Are classroom-based ensuring ‘inclusion’ of all children.
  • Work alongside ‘Quality First Teaching’.
  • Benefit children who require special education provision (both registered and unregistered SEND).
  • Complement the work of SEN and class teachers for pupils with complex needs.
  • Assist teachers in identifying children who may require further support.
  • Improve pupil attention and concentration in class.
  • Improve pupil core stability, posture, balance and coordination.
  • Improve reading, writing and phonic skills. 

Corefulness for Senior Schools

Corefulness can be incorporated into PSHE for students in key stages 3, 4 and 5.

The 3 Corefulness programmes (Foundation, Running and Work) will teach life skills which will benefit students both during and after their time at school.


Schools following the programmes see significant improvements in children’s concentration, reading, writing and co-ordination. Schools report Corefulness is an invaluable tool to help children with SEN, as well as those who have subtle learning difficulties.  

Some Wiltshire schools are already implemeting Corefulness.

"We started using Corefulness during Spring 2023. It has been well received by staff and pupils and has clear benefits in helping children strengthen their core muscles. It is underpinned by detailed research. A short input everyday fits in well with our school routines." - Dinton Primary School, Wiltshire.

We have been doing Corefulness in our EYFS for the past two years. We were looking for something to help our children develop their pre writing skills when we found Corefulness. It has proven to be very successful and we have had great results. The children really enjoy the programme and we have seen an improvement in their concentration, in addition to their fine and gross motor skills. It has become an integral part of our curriculum and I cannot recommend Corefulness highly enough.” – Melanie Osborne, EYFS, St Peters Clee, Primary 

We have a mix of SEN and non-SEN children who lack concentration, appear floppy and exhausted and display characteristics of dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD. We have implemented the Corefulness® programmes throughout our school from nursery to year 6. Every child is benefitting.”  – SENCo Lead Preparatory School, Surrey

There will be a chance to hear more about the programme and how to become involved from September 2023.   

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