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Equality Information 

The Equality Act 2010 introduced the requirement:

  • for all schools to publish Equality Information - to be updated annually from April each year
  • for schools to also publish and work towards the fulfilment of a minimum of one Equality Objective (conforming to SMART criteria) - to be refreshed at any time during a four-year time-frame (Equality Objectives must be selected from the Equality Act Protected Characteristics*).

Each year Wiltshire Council prepares an updated template for schools to adapt and use to present your published Equality Information in a comprehensive format.  For each relevant equality area in the templates, we have presented contextual national and local information - and have then provided the opportunity for you to contribute your school’s Equality Information to complete the picture. 

Please note - data protection overrides any requirement to publish detailed information at school-level, and where cohort sizes are small for any particular group, you should provide an overview rather than specific detail in your published information.  You will be able to share the more detailed information you hold as appropriate need arises.  

If you would like some background information on the Equality Act and its implications for schools, you can find this here

Please contact either or if you have any specific queries, and we will do our best to help you.

*The Equality Act 2010 Protected Characteristics (i.e. characteristics that are protected by this Act), are: ‘Race’/ethnicity; Disability; Gender Identity; Sex; Religion/Belief; Sexual Identity; Pregnancy & Maternity; Age; Marriage and Civil Partnership. Those underlined apply to school-age pupils, and your Equality Objective will be selected from this range. Possible examples that a school might adopt are given in each of the Equality Information templates.

2018-19 Equality Information Templates